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Free online language learning for the aspiring polyglot.

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    Free Language Learning

    Surface Languages provides free online language learning resources in european and non-european languages.

    It is completely free.

    There are thousands of phrases and hours of audio spoken by native speakers along with flashcard, multiple choice and language learning games.

    SurfaceLanguages can be used on its own - there are hundreds of phrases with audio for all the languages on the site, as a reference or in conjunction with more formal styles of learning. You can learn languages for free, for fun, for travelling or to amaze and amuse your friends from all over the world.

    Listen, repeat and then practice with multiple choice, flashcards and other language learning games.

    Learn the colours, numbers, basic phrases, food words, basic conversation phrases and build your vocabulary.

    Learn Phrases in many langugaes

    So you want to be a polyglot?

    SurfaceLanguages contains essential phrases in success principles jack canfield free and is being continually updated. The most recent language added was options made easy guy cohen .

    This is ideal in the modern world especially when you are travelling to more than one country.

    • SurfaceLanguages contains thousands of words, phrases and expressions in many different foreign languages.
    • Learn using a variety of tests
    • The phrases are grouped by subject or topic.

    Free Language Courses for Beginners

    The free language courses aim to provide a grounding in some of the basic grammatical structures of the language being studied.

    The emphasis is on learning basic grammatical structures and sentence patterns, which will provide a basis for further progression in the language.

    There are a series of lessons, each containing sentences in the target language along with translations. There are also notes explaining the most important points.

    The courses are interactive and include flash cards, games and exercises to help reinforce and memorize the language.

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    Surface languages contains thousands of common words and phrases in many different languages. You can pick and choose what you learn and from which language or languages.